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Ody's beach culture

OBC or Ody's Beach Culture was a brand identity that I created as a college project and have since updated the design. The idea for the shop was a beach store that could be carried through the mid-west markets. 

The t-shirt designs are all original designs that went along with the brand.

Sundance film festival online flyers

For my love of film, I created a personal project to promote the Sundance Film Festival. I used various camera heads for each poster in a fun and unique way that would draw attention to the event.

rock posters

This series of concert posters was inspired by a few of my favorite bands. Thus, I created a campaign with three poster designs for a mock concert which featured three prominent bands playing at the old Palace at Auburn Hills.

red bull logo redesign

For years, Red Bull has had the same logo which I find to be quite dated and rather tacky in my opinion. I took it upon myself to explore potential ideas of what the brand could look like with a modern update.

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