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presidents day sale

Every year for President's Day, Art Van does a big sale, one of the biggest sales of the year. In 2018, I was put in charge as the lead creative on creating a look for the sale. I created several various looks and schticks for the event, but ultimately the CEO of Art Van liked the Art of the Deal as it played off of Donald Trump's presidency.  

I would have liked to remain more politically neutral for the sale but nonetheless it was the CEO's word over mine. I lead the team in the creation of three different sale ads spanning 3-weeks for the campaign as well as on-site photography.

Puresleep refresh

Puresleep was an entity of its own within
Art Van and the company was looking to merge it more with the classic Art Van stores as business was dropping. I worked closely with the VP of Marketing and VP of Puresleep for a campaign that was more clean and calm to represent the brand, as a step towards merging the two entities together.

I was the designer that took point on this project, creating various billboards and sale ads that went to market.

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